Baharat is a North African spice mix used in many Mediterranean-style dishes. Baharat simply means “spice” in Arabic. This blend is often used to season lamb but is an all-purpose flavour enhancer useful for fish, chicken, beef, tomato sauces and soups. It’s a great addition to lentil dishes, pilafs and can even perk up plain old meatloaf. We find it useful as a rub for virtually anything on the barbeque and will add a little heat to vegetable dishes.
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Blended from chiles, peppercorns, nutmeg and spices. Salt free.

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Old Style Hickory Bacon Rub

This old Virginian style blend, with its hickory taste and full rounded flavor, only gets better with the addition of a little sweet cured bacon! It is the best darn blend for pork that you will ever find. Great for pork chops, pork roast, also wonderful on ribs and turkey. We love this sprinkled on fresh green beans and as a seasoning for split pea soup.


Zahtar is an aromatic spice mixture that is a favorite throughout the Middle East. It is widely used in Turkey, Jordan and North Africa. The flavoring is unique with a zesty and herbal taste. Zahtar is wonderful on meats and vegetables, as well as mixed with olive oil to make an excellent spread or dip. For a great appetizer: Layer on a plate 1 lb. Feta Cheese – crumbled, 1 large tomato – chopped, 2 tbs. Zahtar, Olive oil drizzled to taste. Serve with pita bread cut into triangles.

Ultimate Steak Seasoning

This blend will make everyone rave about your steaks! This is a tried and true family recipe that has been used for years. A must-have for any backyard barbecue. Sprinkle generously on both sides of steaks, chops, chicken or turkey and let stand for an hour or longer before cooking. Or put in a shaker to enjoy at the table with your grilled meats.