Carrot Cake Fruit Tea

A soothing infusion that resembles the flavor profile of a fresh, warm carrot cake! There's a subtle sweetness from pineapple cubes blended perfectly with a creamy note from the coconut flakes, leaving you with a unique & delightful cup of tea. The tea finishes with an alluring aroma of cream cheese frosting, making it a guilt free alternative to the classic dessert!
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Ingredients: pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), apple pieces, carrot flakes, carrot shreds, almond pieces, walnuts, coconut chips, cinnamon rods, flavoring & whole cloves.

Steeping Information:
 10-12 Minutes

 203° - 212° F

 1 – 2 Level Tsp / 6 Oz. Serving
Naturally Caffeine Free