Cocoa Powder Dutch Processed

Cocoa powder is made by extracting cocoa butter (fat) from ground cocoa beans. Our cocoa powder is extremely high quality, with 20-21% butterfat content. “Dutch Processed” cocoa powder has been treated with an alkalizing agent, making it non-reactive with baking soda. The result is a cocoa powder with lower acidity, more solubility, richer color, and a smoother flavor. The ideal choice for any chocolate baking. Its rich color and smooth consistency makes it perfect for chocolate frostings, ice creams, rolling truffles, or chocolate dusting and garnishing.
  • Items sold by the ounce are packaged in resealable bags.  Multiple ounces of the same product will be put in one bag unless specified otherwise via email within 20 minutes of your order being placed.  Please send your request to