Salt Free Blends

Enjoy all the great flavor, without the salt!  Our selection of salt free blends are full of flavor and wonderful for anything from meat to vegetables.

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Apple Pie Spice

Apple Pie Spice is a unique blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices that creates perfect apple pie filling every time. Great for baked apples, apple sauce, apple crisp, and spice cakes. It is a must for apple strudel.


Baharat is a North African spice mix used in many Mediterranean-style dishes. Baharat simply means “spice” in Arabic. This blend is often used to season lamb but is an all-purpose flavour enhancer useful for fish, chicken, beef, tomato sauces and soups. It’s a great addition to lentil dishes, pilafs and can even perk up plain old meatloaf. We find it useful as a rub for virtually anything on the barbeque and will add a little heat to vegetable dishes.

Chinese Five Spice

According to the Chinese philosophy of yin & yang, this ancient “Wonder Powder” is an exquisite blend of the five elements of Chinese cooking: sweet, sour, bitter, savory, and salty. Known to sometimes include ginger or nutmeg, it traditionally consists of fennel, cloves, cinnamon, anise, and Szechwan peppercorns. “Wonder Powder” or not, this blend is sure to work its magic on any bland dish! Makes exceptional addition to any Chinese cuisine, especially stir-fry's, soups, chicken, steak, and duck. Blend with sugar for a delicious twist on spiced sugar.

Doctor's Choice

A doctor who can’t have salt developed this tremendous, flavorful, salt-free rub. Taste it for yourself, and see how great healthy can be. It is great on all meats and fish. Keep it on the table for all foods.

Fines Herbes

Fines herbes is a delicately balanced combination of finely flavored herbs found in French cuisine. It serves as a subtle yet distinctive complement to omelettes, salads or poultry.

Garam Masala

Garam is Indian for “warm” or “hot” and is the main spice blend of North Indian cookery. It is said that there are as many versions of garam masala as there are cooks. The spices are usually dry roasted in a pan or oven before use to release their flavors. Garam masala is typically added toward the end of cooking or sprinkled on the food just before serving. Use to season sauces, chutneys, meats, poultry and vegetables.

Garlic & Herb All Purpose

This salt free blend is full of flavor and its simplicity will enhance nearly any dish you prepare! It’s sure to become a staple in your kitchen for everyday use. Try this on mashed potatoes, scallops, chicken, pasta, pizza crust and roasted zucchini.

Grandma Nettie's Pie Spice

This sweet spice blend is simply the best! Good old-fashioned flavor with Grandma’s secret ingredient - Bourbon! You will love this spice in everything that you use it for. Grandma never lets us down. This blended spice makes fruit pies extra special. It is also wonderful on top of sugar cookies, ice cream, French toast and desserts.

Herbs de Provence

Also known as Provencial Herbs, this blend combines sweet French herbs and lavender flower. It takes its name from the region of Provence France. The people of France understand the subtle flavor these herbs lend to simple cooking. It is also salt free! Wonderful for beef, chicken, pork, lamb, stocks and vegetable dishes, especially eggplant or zucchini and tomatoes.

Italian Herbs

Based on the classic Italian recipe from the region of Lake Como, Italy, this blend is useful in almost any dish. It is especially good in any recipe containing tomatoes. Ideal when blended with melted butter and brushed on while baking, grilling or broiling. It complements any fish, chicken, salad or vegetable dish.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Make a great pumpkin pie with a little help from our pumpkin pie spice. Our blend is a sweet and spicy addition to all kinds of baked goods. An absolute must for pumpkin pie. Perfect for sweet breads, carrot cake, and muffins.

Red Pepper Grilling Blend

This versatile blend has amazing flavor, without the salt! Enjoy it on chicken, pork, steak, fish & wild game. Rub or sprinkle this on both sides of your meat before grilling or baking. Use as a marinade by letting it set on your meat for at least an hour prior to baking or grilling. It’s wonderful used to enhance the flavor of any dish you would typically use pepper on.

Spiced Turbinado Sugar

Our blend of spiced sugar is for those who prefer sophisticated flavor and old-fashioned goodness. The raw Turbinado sugar base gives this blend its gourmet appeal, and with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, its sure to add sugar, spice, and everything nice to your dish. Raw sugar is more flavorful and contains more moisture, making this blend the perfect ingredient to any spiced confection. Melts and caramelizes very nicely. Also great in tea and coffee. Use to spice up toast, hot oatmeal, pancakes, and French toast. The perfect addition to pumpkin muffins and homemade doughnuts.

Thai Seasoning

Our Thai Spice blend is sure to get your taste buds to stand at attention! With just a hint of citrus, this blend does have a sweet kick to heighten the flavor of any dish with no salt added. We especially love this with cold pasta, rice, soup, sushi, steamed vegetables and especially stir fries. It can also be used as a dry rub on fish, chicken or tofu.