Savory is highly aromatic, as the name suggests. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean. Savory is related to the mint family, and has an aroma and flavor that is similar to a combination of mint and thyme. Use to season pates, soups, pork, poultry, fish and bean dishes. Savory also goes well with goat cheese, lamb, grilled meats, game and chicken livers.
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Sundried Tomato Rub

This blend has exquisite flavor and is a favorite at “The Seasoned Home”! It is sure to bring a gourmet flair with no effort to any dish you prepare. It’s a wonderful rub applied to steaks and chicken. Also excellent on broiled fish. You can also use it on pizza and pasta, hot or cold. Soups, salads, eggs and sauces are also complemented by this blend. Makes a fantastic dip. Mix this packet with 8 ounces of sour cream. Also, makes a great salad dressing: mix 2 tbs. balsamic vinegar, 3 tbs. olive oil, 1 tbs. apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup water 1 tbs. Tuscan Countryside and 1 tbs. Sundried Tomato Rub. Mix well in a blender.

Spiced Turbinado Sugar

Our blend of spiced sugar is for those who prefer sophisticated flavor and old-fashioned goodness. The raw Turbinado sugar base gives this blend its gourmet appeal, and with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, its sure to add sugar, spice, and everything nice to your dish. Raw sugar is more flavorful and contains more moisture, making this blend the perfect ingredient to any spiced confection. Melts and caramelizes very nicely. Also great in tea and coffee. Use to spice up toast, hot oatmeal, pancakes, and French toast. The perfect addition to pumpkin muffins and homemade doughnuts.

Onion Lovers

Since the beginning of time, onions have been a favorite ingredient in many recipes. Onion lovers around the world know that it can turn an average meal into a great dish that will bring tears to the eye. Great on steaks, chops, chicken, pork, eggs, sauces and soups. Makes a wonderful dip when mixed with sour cream.