Specialty Blends

We work with a handful of gourmet chefs who have done all of the custom blending for you!  Whether you're looking for a blend for meat, vegetables, or a dip- we have you covered.  Browse our selection of top quality Specialty Blend seasonings for everyday use.  You'll find recommendations as well as a list of ingredients for each product.  Enjoy!
Please note that due to variance in each crop, the color and texture may slightly vary over time.

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Melange Pour Le Pain Mixture For The Bread

This blend is perfect for a loaf of freshly made homemade bread! Moderately sprinkle this mixture on your loaf of bread before baking it, or mix it right in with the dough. We also love this mixed with slightly softened butter to be used as a spread for bagels & bread.

Moroccan Spice Rub

Experience the flavors of Morocco with this wonderful blend. It’s great for roasting as well as using on the grill. Try it on lamb chops, fish, pork, vegetables or chicken! Season vegetable wedges & cuts of meat then place on a skewer to grill as a kabob. Add a Moroccan flavor to a roulade (a rolled meat pastry.)

Old Style Hickory Bacon Rub

This old Virginian style blend, with its hickory taste and full rounded flavor, only gets better with the addition of a little sweet cured bacon! It is the best darn blend for pork that you will ever find. Great for pork chops, pork roast, also wonderful on ribs and turkey. We love this sprinkled on fresh green beans and as a seasoning for split pea soup.

Onion Lovers

Since the beginning of time, onions have been a favorite ingredient in many recipes. Onion lovers around the world know that it can turn an average meal into a great dish that will bring tears to the eye. Great on steaks, chops, chicken, pork, eggs, sauces and soups. Makes a wonderful dip when mixed with sour cream.

Papa's Italian Pesto Seasoning

A great Italian dinner cannot be made without this pesto blend. This seasoning makes a great pesto, or a great bread dipper when blended with olive oil. For a wonderful pesto, blend 1/4 cup pesto blend, 1/4 cup pine nuts, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese and 1/4 cup olive oil. Also works well in pastas and on chicken. Substitute in anything that calls for basil.

Pecan Pumpkin Amaretto Blend

The perfect fall and winter spice for the comfort food that we all love! Unbelievable flavor of Southern pecan with pumpkin and a touch of almond. From everyday to gourmet, this blend is a wonderful addition to chicken and salmon. We also love this seasoning added to wild rice, stuffing, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and cream soups.

Prime Rib Rub

For that perfect slow roasted prime rib roast, there is nothing better than this rub. Guaranteed to get rave reviews every time. Sprinkle generously on the outside of your standing rib roast, before baking. Great on all cuts of beef, and also in beef soups.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Make a great pumpkin pie with a little help from our pumpkin pie spice. Our blend is a sweet and spicy addition to all kinds of baked goods. An absolute must for pumpkin pie. Perfect for sweet breads, carrot cake, and muffins.

Raspberry Chipotle Rub

This blend is fruity and sweet with the Chipotle peppers bringing a touch of heat. Perfect for any Mexican dish and a wonderful addition when grilling. Puts a tantalizing twist on BBQ chicken pizza. One of our favorite recipes for Roasted Pecans: Blend 1 Tbsp. grape seed oil and 2 Tbsp. agave nectar or honey. Add 2 cups pecan halves; toss to coat. Spread coated nuts in 9x13 pan and sprinkle with 2-3 Tbsp. of this blend, tossing to coat. Bake in 350° oven for 12-14 minutes, stirring after 7 minutes. Remove from pan immediately and cool on foil-lined baking sheet.

Red Pepper Grilling Blend

This versatile blend has amazing flavor, without the salt! Enjoy it on chicken, pork, steak, fish & wild game. Rub or sprinkle this on both sides of your meat before grilling or baking. Use as a marinade by letting it set on your meat for at least an hour prior to baking or grilling. It’s wonderful used to enhance the flavor of any dish you would typically use pepper on.

Roasted Garlic & Wild Mushroom

Grade A Porcini mushroom powder in combination with roasted garlic granules from California make this a great blend for marinating and seasoning. Rub onto your steak before grilling. It’s also great on Portobello mushrooms, vegetables, game, lamb, fish, pork or beef. Try mixing this blend with flour and dredge seasonal mushrooms in the mixture before cooking.

Roasted Turkey Blend

Your dinner guests will be thanking the cook when you use this wonderful blend for your holiday dinner. Sprinkle on turkey coated with butter or olive oil before roasting. It is also wonderful in casseroles, gravies, on turkey breasts, or cutlets.

Rosemary Basil Sea Salt

This spice enhanced sea salt will add a little kick to your meats and vegetables. It makes a wonderful rub for poultry and pork. Lightly drizzle your favorite potatoes in olive oil and sprinkle this blend on prior to roasting or baking. It’s also great on vegetables such as acorn squash.

Rosemary Garlic

Rosemary’s fragrant, earthy flavoring is a staple in Mediterranean cooking. Here, it’s paired with the robust partner garlic, adding a little heat, with onion for sweet, red bell pepper for some kick, and lemon for a hint of citrus. A traditional flavor, already prepared for the palette and ready for any dish that comes its way. Wonderful on any kind of pasta dish, chicken, beef, or pork, and roasted potatoes or other vegetables. The perfect compliment for home-made marinara. Also makes a great bread dipper when mixed with olive oil.

Rosemary Mint Lamb Chop Rub

A wonderful blend of rosemary, mint, garlic and other spices that will turn your lamb chop from every day to gourmet! Whether you’re roasting or grilling legs or chops, the flavor of this rub will have your mouth watering for more. Sprinkle this blend generously over your meat. Allow it to set for 1 to 6 hours prior to cooking. Prepare as desired and enjoy!

Sea Salt & Dill Salmon Grilling Blend

Our favorite use for this blend is salmon- but you can use it countless other ways as well! Brush your fish with olive oil and generously season it with this blend. Grill or bake for outstanding flavor & results! It also makes a wonderful addition to cucumber salad or crescent roll vegetable pizzas!

Smoky Chipotle Pepper

A true classic for those who love to grill! Smoky peppers in combination with herbs & spices will add a Southwestern flare to your favorite meats including pork, steaks & chicken. This blend is also a great addition to oven roasted red skin potatoes, baked beans or your traditional chili recipe. For a dipping sauce, blend 1 tablespoon with ½ cup of mayonnaise and serve with chicken tenders.

Sonoma Seasoning

A barbecue blend with the distinctive California flavors of orange and chili. This seasoning can be used as a rub on pork, beef and chicken. Mix with olive oil and vinegar as a marinade for vegetables, such as olives, artichokes, roasted zucchini, corn, and eggplant.

Southwest Rub

Flavorful and robust, yet not overly bold. Southwest seasoning adds zip to many dishes. Marinate meat or poultry in lemon or lime juice then rub on Southwest Rub. Great on grilled chicken or pork chops, ribs, spicy beef dishes, sautéed shrimp, fresh tomatoes or in any type of salsa and beans.

Spiced Turbinado Sugar

Our blend of spiced sugar is for those who prefer sophisticated flavor and old-fashioned goodness. The raw Turbinado sugar base gives this blend its gourmet appeal, and with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, its sure to add sugar, spice, and everything nice to your dish. Raw sugar is more flavorful and contains more moisture, making this blend the perfect ingredient to any spiced confection. Melts and caramelizes very nicely. Also great in tea and coffee. Use to spice up toast, hot oatmeal, pancakes, and French toast. The perfect addition to pumpkin muffins and homemade doughnuts.

Sundried Tomato Rub

This blend has exquisite flavor and is a favorite at “The Seasoned Home”! It is sure to bring a gourmet flair with no effort to any dish you prepare. It’s a wonderful rub applied to steaks and chicken. Also excellent on broiled fish. You can also use it on pizza and pasta, hot or cold. Soups, salads, eggs and sauces are also complemented by this blend. Makes a fantastic dip. Mix this packet with 8 ounces of sour cream. Also, makes a great salad dressing: mix 2 tbs. balsamic vinegar, 3 tbs. olive oil, 1 tbs. apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup water 1 tbs. Tuscan Countryside and 1 tbs. Sundried Tomato Rub. Mix well in a blender.

Sunny Seasons

Featuring a wonderful sesame flavor with splashes of lemon and orange, this seasoning is blended with soy which gives it an Oriental flare. Shake this terrific seasoning on chicken wings, add to stir-fry and sprinkle on vegetables or cold pasta salad. Also try it in chicken salad, or on grilled chicken breasts.

Swamp Fire Hot & Spicy

“Spicy” and “hot” best describe this blend. For those of you who like to sweat when you eat, Swamp Fire is sure to please. If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen! Gives extra spice and kick to any dish. Can be added while cooking or used individually for more kick to any entrée.

Sweet Bell Pepper Seasoning

Sweet bell peppers are perfect paired with pasta dishes, soups, chicken and seafood! This blend is also great mixed with a cream sauce or as a finishing spice on scrambled eggs and omelettes. For a gourmet twist on chicken noodle soup- simply add 1 tbsp. of the seasoning with 1 can of soup and heat through. Sweet Bell Pepper Dip: Mix this packet with ½ cup sour cream and ½ cup mayonnaise and refrigerate overnight. Serve with pita chips, vegetables or on fresh baguette bites.