White Cheddar Cheese Powder

Our cheese powders are velvety smooth and rich in flavor. Cheese Powders are natural cheese, which has been dehydrated. We love this on popcorn! Also try it as a sauce base, with pasta, on potatoes, vegetables or bread crumbs.
  • Items sold by the ounce are packaged in resealable bags.  Multiple ounces of the same product will be put in one bag unless specified otherwise via email within 20 minutes of your order being placed.  Please send your request to


Blended from cheddar cheese (milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), disodium phosphate, salt, lactic acid, and less than 2% silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent. Contains milk.

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The smallest and most delicately flavored of the onion family, chives have long grown wild in Europe and North America. Freeze-drying allows chives to maintain a very close-to-fresh flavor and texture. Wonderful to have at your fingertips all year round. Wonderful used in salads, soups, sauces and baked potatoes.

Anise Star

Certainly the prettiest spice, it is also The Seasoned Home’s trademark. The whole perfect stars are really a beautiful wonder of nature, with eight points and a seed in each point. The anise plant has a strong licorice flavor and is used for both sweet and savory dishes. Anise star makes an attractive dinner garnish. They also add a lovely flavor and appearance floating in a cup of tea. The Chinese used star anise in many pork, chicken, and seafood dishes. Often reserved for craft use.