High Five Power Lifter

The High 5 blend collection is designed to activate the senses on your tongue, while enhancing the flavor of your food. Your tongue has 5 taste areas: sweet, tart, salty, bitter, and savory that get stimulated. The High 5 salt blends are meant to be sprinkled from “on high” holding the salt above your food and seasoning by sight, letting the blend fall down on top of your food. Use the power lifter on vegetables, meat and salmon. It has a robust flavor and is sure to please your taste buds.
  • Items sold by the ounce are packaged in resealable bags.  Multiple ounces of the same product will be put in one bag unless specified otherwise via email within 20 minutes of your order being placed.  Please send your request to


Blended from kosher salt, fresh organic garlic, organic balsamic vinegar, organic red wine vinegar, organic lemon, organic sugar, organic peppercorns, organic granulated onion, espresso powder, organic dry mustard, organic herbs & spices


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