Sea Salt

Whether you're looking for coarse, fine or smoked sea salt- we have one for you!  Sea salt is directly obtained via seawater in the ocean or salt water lakes through evaporation. Sea salt has very minimal processing or more commonly, none at all. Since it does not undergo processing, the natural minerals and nutrients are still found in sea salts. Some of those minerals have been found to include magnesium, calcium and potassium.

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Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

This is a coarse grind sea salt. Origin: United States Use this smoked sea salt on your favorite meats, fish or vegetables to add a unique & distinct flavor. We love smoked salt used alone or in combination with other spices to make a custom rub. Rim your cocktail with this to enjoy a little smoky flavor, too!

California Sea Salt

Harvested in California, this sea salt is extra coarse. Most recipes call for finely ground salt, however, this sea salt is preferred by professional chefs because they can easily measure it with their fingers. Its low moisture content allows it to flow through a salt mill with ease, and also prevents caking when it is stored.

Grey Coarse Sea Salt

This salt has great versatility and can be used in almost any culinary application, including artisan bread making. Use a peppermill or spice grinder (with a ceramic blade or one that can’t rust) to grind these coarse, gray, moist salt crystals to season anything. Also excellent for curing salmon and making gravlax or cold smoked salmon.

Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt

Our coarse pink sea salt is hand collected on a remote Hawaiian Island. It’s often said to be the most prized salt on the earth. Its beautiful color looks spectacular in a glass mill.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

When it comes to purity and mineral content, no other salt compares. Crystallized more than 200 million years ago, ancient sea beds were covered by volcanic lava, protecting the salt from modern-day pollution. Today, this salt is hand-mined at the foot of the Himalayas and desired around the world. Its many hues of red, pink and white indicate the rich and varying mineral and iron content, making it both a healthy and truly beautiful culinary experience.

Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

The unique color of the Hiwa Kai Salt is a result of the solar evaporated Pacific sea salt being combined with activated charcoal, which not only compliments the natural salt flavor, but also adds detoxifying properties.

Italian Fine Sea Salt

Italian sea salt is produced from the low waters of the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Sicily. It is a natural salt rich in minerals with a much lower percentage of sodium chloride than regular table salt. These salts have a delicate taste and plenty of flavor without being too strong.

Jalapeño Salt

Jalapeno peppers add a spicy zip to this salt based blend. It’s full of flavor and makes a great addition to anything you’d like to add some heat to. This blend is perfect for rice, beans, meat, fajitas, guacamole and popcorn! Use sparingly… a little bit goes a long way!

Lemon Sea Salt Flakes

Natural sea salt is fused with fresh lemons for this bright and sunny, citrusy blend. The flavor burst of lemon is delicious without being too tart. These lemon sea salt flakes can intensify the citrus flavor of both sweet and savory dishes. Try it with seafood, chicken, vegetables, mixed with spice blends, sauces, soup, guacamole, cocktails and in desserts! You can also simply use it as a finishing salt.

Maldon Flake Sea Salt

The Maldon Salt Company is one of the few remaining salt makers in England. For over 130 years, they have hand-harvested their salt in the traditional manner, extracting this precious mineral from the rich Essex estuaries using long-handled rakes and no artificial additives.

Rosemary Basil Sea Salt

This spice enhanced sea salt will add a little kick to your meats and vegetables. It makes a wonderful rub for poultry and pork. Lightly drizzle your favorite potatoes in olive oil and sprinkle this blend on prior to roasting or baking. It’s also great on vegetables such as acorn squash.

Sriracha Sea Salt Flakes

Tangy and powerful Sriracha chili sauce combined with natural sea salt flakes creates this unique and flavorsome blend. Warm and spicy with a garlicky taste, it can add zest to roasted nuts, snack mixes and popcorn. It’s also wonderful added to BBQ rubs and sauces, in meat and fish recipes, chinese food dishes, or try it in homemade ramen and chicken stock. Elevate your vegetable dishes, garnish eggs, potatoes, pasta and enhance your favorite condiments. The delicate flakes add a crunch and pack a punch.